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Retro Sumus is a small, independent game development team located in Spain. We are professionals in different fields who got together to revisit genres and concepts we felt were underused, or not explored in depth back in their time. This may include old-school arcade shooting action, tech gimmicks from the 16-bit era, or an updated, western take on a typically japanese genre, like the visual novel adventures… Because, really, why not?
Retro Sumus es un pequeño equipo independiente de desarrollo de juegos ubicado en España. Somos profesionales de distintas disciplinas que se unen con la idea de retomar géneros o conceptos que consideramos que nunca fueron desarrollados en profundidad. Puede que eso incluya arcades de disparos como los de antes, o trucos técnicos de la época de los 16 bits, o un nuevo enfoque occidental a un género tan japonés como las visual novels… Y es que, en realidad, ¿por qué no?
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Retro Sumus are not strangers to the readers of Retro Gaming Magazine. […] In the video we see some pretty good 3D in action. The main character of Xenocider has a weapon on their side so it is clear this is going to be close to the Sega arcade classic, Space Harrier. The 3D shows some impressive work considering this is an independently developed title.

There are no official Sega Dreamcast development tools being used here. That makes Xenocider all the more interesting.

Carl Williams - Retro Gaming Mag
Carl Williams Retro Gaming Mag

The game is still very early and doesn’t show any enemies or other mechanics, but as a glimpse at what is coming it really is very impressive from a technical standpoint. Fogging is already written in, and other effects will likely be added. Perhaps the important things to take away from this, is that Xenocider is running on genuine Dreamcast hardware, boasts a totally new engine and is running at a stable 60fps.

On the basis of this alone, Xenocider looks like a title to keep an eye on.

The Dreamcast Junkyard
Tom Charnock The Dreamcast Junkyard

Ameba narrará la historia de un policía veterano y búsqueda de la verdad ante una serie de casos que está convencido de que se cerraron en falso. Él es el único que sabe que hay algo más detrás de esos casos que solo él ha visto y se encargará de sacarlo a la luz. Estará ambientado en la España actual, pero presenciaremos varios flashbacks a épocas anteriores.

La banda sonora se basa en estremecedoras piezas de piano compuestas por Juanjo Martín, teclista del grupo Efecto Mariposa.

Games Tribune Magazine
Xavi Martínez Games Tribune Magazine

Dev Diaries

The Dev Diaries are a fun, simple way of showing our progress to potential fans / customers. Whether it's code, artwork, 3D modelling or music, you can find it in this short video series.


Los Dev Diaries (diarios de desarrollo) son una forma sencilla y entretenida de mostrar nuestros avances a potenciales fans o clientes. Ya sea código, ilustración, modelado 3D o música, lo tienes en esta serie de vídeos.

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To those of you who already trusted us and supported our litte-but-somewhat-ambitious project by pre-ordering Xenocider for Dreamcast, thank you, thank you, thank you! Our shop has been active for just a few days, but boy it was a great start! Our demo, your feedback We encourage you to download, burn and play the third […]

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Xenocider is now open for pre-order! New demo available!

We like to believe we listen to our audience. After the hangover of our failed Kickstarter campaign, fans of both the Ameba and Xenocider projects suggested good old pre-orders. We weren’t sure if that was a feasible option, as we have never wanted to become just another dev team who make promises they can’t deliver. […]

Xenocider swamp stage Planet ORL

Xenocider for Dreamcast: new swamp stage is now fully playable

We said work on our projects had not ceased and here’s a little proof of that. Xenocider swamp stage, Planet ORL, is now virtually finished and fully playable… and that includes some nasty multi-headed boss from our previous video 😉 Plese note this is real Dreamcast hardware, meaning its resolution is 640×480, just in case you […]

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