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Alice’s Mom’s Rescue coming for Dreamcast + Elysian Shadows huge Kickstarter update

All right, all right. Of course none of these projects have nothing to do with Ameba or Project Q (but… what is Project Q?). However, we’re always happy to hear about new or upcoming Dreamcast titles. So, first things first. Hucast recently announced they’ll be publishing Alice’s Mom’s Rescue, a cute 2D platformer originally developed by Orion (aka Onorisoft).

Official press release here. Also, preorders now open.

On the other hand, Falco Girgis and the rest of the team behind Elysian Shadows just posted a huge update on their upcoming RPG for our favorite console. As we backed this project a few months ago, we’re eager to see what the ES Team is up to. Also, there’s lots of new, great-looking concept art!

You can read the whooooole thing here.

Now back to work!

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