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Xenocider for Dreamcast demo first look!

Main character new model: check.
Running (pun intended) on real hardware: check.
Made-from-scratch 3D engine: check.
Stable 60 fps: check!

Nuevo render de nuestra protagonista: sí.
Corriendo (nunca mejor dicho) en hardware real: sí.
Con nuestro motor propio hecho desde cero: sí.
Y a 60 fps estables: ¡sí!

Tom Charnock from The Dreamcast Junkyard wrote:

The Dreamcast homebrew and indie scenes are exploding right now and Spanish developer Retro Sumus is at the forefront of this wave, working on some very promising titles for our beloved box of tricks. AMEBA is a self-styled ‘westernised’ visual novel following the investigations of a Madrid-based detective and features some quite brilliant artwork. The other game from Retro Sumus is Xenocider and it is shaping up to be one of the most eagerly anticipated new Dreamcast games.

A clear homage to Sega’s epic sci-fi arcade blaster Space Harrier, Xenocider sees you take control of a lone crusader battling all manner of monsters across various alien worlds. Retro Sumus has now released some early footage of its bespoke 3D engine running on genuine Dreamcast hardware and we have the exclusive footage right here.

The game is still very early and doesn’t show any enemies or other mechanics, but as a glimpse at what is coming it really is very impressive from a technical standpoint. Fogging is already written in, and other effects will likely be added. Perhaps the important things to take away from this, is that Xenocider is running on genuine Dreamcast hardware, boasts a totally new engine and is running at a stable 60fps. On the basis of this alone, Xenocider looks like a title to keep an eye on.

Thanks to Carlos Oliveros from Retro Sumus for permission to post the video. You can read our interview with Carlos here, or listen to our Retro Sumus special episode of DreamPod here.

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