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Xenocider is coming soon to Kickstarter

Your friendly neighborhood alien cyborg Xara will be blasting her way through your PC’s and Dreamcasts in the next few days. When we launch our Kickstarter campaign, the playable demo we promised will be there, available for everyone to download. As we’ve been telling friends and followers for months now, we want you to know that we have nothing to hide, that the game is real, and what it looks and plays like!

See you (really) soon! 😀

Xenocider Linux demo
Testing new hud (Linux demo)
Xenocider Space Base wip
A friend asked if there’s more to ‎Xenocider‬ than just desert levels…
Xenocider drones concept art
Beware of the warrior droids guarding the space base!
Xenocider swamp wip
Xara blasts her way through a toxic swamp
Xenocider Kickstarter demo disc
It’s alive! Xenocider Kickstarter demo disc!

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