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Xenocider Kickstarter update: Nintendo 3DS, soundtrack composition, and developers support

We want to thank every single one of you again for backing our project! Now, how’s the campaign going?

Firstly, the Original Pencil Artwork reward is still available. It seems someone cancelled their pledge at the same time or immediately after we sent the previous update, so this Kickstarter-exclusive is still there for a lucky backer to claim it.

Secondly, we added an animated GIF to the campaign page in order to show you guys what Xenocider will look like on the 3DS, but we want to make sure you don’t miss it so here you have. Please keep in mind that the secondary screen design and assets are just placeholders to be replaced.

Xenocider Nintendo 3DS gameplay

Also, we got some pretty positive comments about the little bits of music for the game that we have shared so far. So just in case you are not already aware of what our Dev Diaries are, here’s a past episode titled The Beauty and the Boss, where you can check out how one of the tracks was originally composed using a grand piano, and how the stage boss for the demo was designed in Blender.

Last but not least, you surely saw our mate Falco Girgis from Kickstarter-funded Elysian Shadows pledge his support for Xenocider in our KS video. We just wanted to share with you his original, full HD recording, and thank him again for spreading the word.


Please, don’t forget to share the link to our campaign with friends and foes alike. The first days have been great mainly thanks to the amazing Dreamcast fanbase but we now need to reach a much wider audience!

Remember you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Thanks again!

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