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Xenocider Kickstarter update: Videos, rewards, and physical editions

All Early Adopter copies of the regular edition are gone and the physical+digital bundles seem to be doing great among backers. Thank you guys for your support!

Some of you may have not noticed, but we added a mockup of the Metal Case edition to the campaign page, and also updated the turnaround animation of the statue to showcase Xara’s updated colors!

Xenocider Kickstarter metal case edition

But why? Well, you made us realize that Xara needed more vibrant colors, not just black and grey/metal. So now her body has more blue instead of black, both her jetpack and weapon are rusted/bronze, and the armor pieces feature little tweaks here and there as well.

Xenocider Kickstarter statue mockup

And just in case you haven’t downloaded our demo yet, those colour changes are there too! But the main reason why you should try the demo is we added another stage (as we announced in our previous update), one that is much, much more Space Harrier-ish than the original. So now you can choose your destiny from the title screen. And while the stage boss from the first version of the demo was not beatable (oops!), now both bosses are!

Also, we wanted to share with the original, uncut support videos by Tom Charnock from The Dreamcast Junkyard and Jorge Serrano from Games Tribune Magazine.

Last but not least, once again we have to ask you guys to help us spread the word. The Dreamcast fanbase has made the first week of the campaign amazing and so exciting for us, but we really need to reach a wider audience if we want this to succeed! So if you know any more bloggers, youtubers, journalists, etc. that we may have not reached yet, please don’t hesitate to share the link to our campaign with them. If you played our demo and liked it, we would be delighted to feature your gameplay video as well!

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