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Xenocider first Kickstarter update: thanks for a great start

Dear friends, followers and backers,

Thank you so much for such a great first day. Actually, 24 h haven’t really passed yet but our enthusiasm is too big to resist right now!

Just in case you want to tell your friends more about Xenocider (specially if that friend is not sure about pledging their support or not!), SegaScream just shared this video about our campaign that we really liked:

Also, if you watched our KS video, you already know there are 4 guests who agreed to support us with their own video testimonials. Well, 5 actually, as Alice Dreams Tournament is made up of these two fine gentlemen. We wanted to let you guys check out their original uncut video so there you go!

One more thing! Some of you asked about the metal case edition. Well it will be a proper, double tray case, similar (not necessarily identical) to this:

Xenocider Kickstarter metal case

We didn’t share the pic on the KS page because it wasn’t a proper prototype or mockup and we still hadn’t decided on what supplier we’d work with, but you can rest assured it’s not some poor effort just to take your money, but something we would proudly add to our shelves.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Remember you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud.

Thanks again!

Via Kickstarter

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