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Xenocider is now open for pre-order! New demo available!

We like to believe we listen to our audience. After the hangover of our failed Kickstarter campaign, fans of both the Ameba and Xenocider projects suggested good old pre-orders. We weren’t sure if that was a feasible option, as we have never wanted to become just another dev team who make promises they can’t deliver. As we have claimed many times, our goal is total transparency, and the last thing we wish is to lose the little trust we earned from those fans.

So we listened. We considered. We re-considered. We re-evaluated our options, our means, our objectives, our possibilities. We solved our differences via Virtua Fighter matches, because that’s what well educated guys do.

And here we are. After all that careful consideration, we agreed to focus our efforts on developing Xenocider for Dreamcast exclusively. This may well reduce our potential profit to almost none, but who cares. Xenocider is still alive, with three stages virtually finished, and our plan is to complete development in less than a year from now. And you can pre-order the regular, limited, PAL or steelbook editions of the game from our new shop today!

Also, just in case you need some proof that we have been hard at work, you can download our new, extended demo now featuring 3 playable stages! How cool is that?

We encourage you to register as a user to have your order history associated to your account as well as access to our boards. Alternatively, you can use Paypal Express Checkout if you don’t wish to register.

By the way, Ameba is not dead either. Please stay tuned for more upcoming news!

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