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Huge update! Xenocider for Dreamcast pre-orders, limited editions, your feedback, and a big thank you

To those of you who already trusted us and supported our litte-but-somewhat-ambitious project by pre-ordering Xenocider for Dreamcast, thank you, thank you, thank you! Our shop has been active for just a few days, but boy it was a great start!

Our demo, your feedback

We encourage you to download, burn and play the third version of our demo if you haven’t done it yet. Please remember it’s a work in progress and feel free to share your thoughts with us. Your feedback is important! In fact, it is so important that you may well influence the course of the level design. As we are still in early stages of development, even if we know what kind of environments we are more keen on creating for the game, we would like to know what you want! Would you rather blast your way through an Avatar-inspired blue jungle or an abandoned nuclear power plant?

Regarding the demo in its current state, did you find it hard to play? Is there something specific you’re missing for a game of this genre? Did you make it to the end of Planet ORL? Did you beat the handsome guardian of the swamp? Let us know!

Xenocider swamp stage Planet ORL stage boss

Why the limited editions are indeed limited

Both the steelbook and the PAL editions of Xenocider are limited to 50 copies each. Some users from quite a few different boards (and countries) have expressed their concerns not just about the higher price tag of these editions, but also about the possibility of them being reprinted down the line. To the latter, we say: there are no plans of such thing. Actually, all editions are somewhat limited, as we plan to print just the ones that have been pre-ordered when development comes to an end, and will only do a second print if there is enough demand to justify going through all the manufacturing hassle again. But, as we just told you, both aforementioned editions are indeed limited. Yes, only 50 copies each. As I write these lines, 29 copies of the PAL edition have been sold.

Regarding the price, well, we know PAL collectors will find it a bit more expensive than expected. But it was either that or not offering this kind of edition at all. Please understand those cases make it really costy for us to produce. For obvious reasons, we think it will be a very unique collector’s item, and the OST disc is included as a big thank you to all buyers who, even with that higher price tag, decided to support the project and to trust us with their hard-earned money.

Work in progress

We are always fixing, correcting and tweaking our own work. The demo still has some aiming and perspective issues that will be fixed.

Meanwhile, we are testing new particle effects we will use for Xara’s jetpack and weapon, while also working on an underwater stage!

Xenocider for Dreamcast | Atlantean Reserve wip

Any questions? Did you pre-order? Did you try the demo? Share your thoughts below!

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