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Xenocider for Dreamcast: new underwater stage running on real hardware

Xenocider for Dreamcast keeps growing. Our latest stage, the Atlantean Reserve, is now fully playable and only the boss is missing from the following video. We are working on it thought and it’s looking fierce and awesome and we hope we’ll be able to show it in our next video.

But let’s see what we are so proud of achieving so far:

  • We managed to use more than 1’5 million polygons, which allowed us to include more enemies and animation.
  • All animations now run at 60 fps.
  • A brand new underwater effect that visually “alters” all objects.
  • Explosions now feature particle effects.
  • Animated ground!
  • New music!
  • And just in case you think something else looks slightly different, yes, Xara is wearing a helmet. After all, not all alien cyborg serial killers can breathe underwater!

Also, just in case you’re curious to know what a new stage looks like when we start working on it (and you haven’t already seen it on our Facebook or Twitter), this was the Atlantean Reserve weeks ago, before we added all that content!

Xenocider for Dreamcast empty stage

On the other hand, we added credit card as a payment option. We mean credit card, not Paypal, which means we don’t have to go through all the hassle Paypal put us through. You can now pay with your credit card of choice using Redsys secure payment platform! So if you have not pre-ordered Xenocider yet, we encourage you to do it today!

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