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Xenocider progress update: Euskal Encounter, live interview, enemy compendium, and audio teasers

Xenocider for Dreamcast keeps growing. Now what a let down it would be, if that wasn’t the case! Chui and Abel recently got together with 3D programming specialist Óscar Peláez aka Fox68k (who co-created the 4ALL emulators alongside Chui, and starred in our Kickstarter video) for one of the most intense computing events in all of Spain, Euskal Encounter, where Retro Sumus was invited to participate in the special RetroEuskal section.

Thanks to Asociación RetroAcción and our friends at La Hora Retrona, the team had a great weekend, showed the latest beta of the game to visitors, and were interviewed in front of a small audience for La Hora Retrona’s first live podcast, which turned into nearly 1 hour of mostly technical details about game development for a dead platform 🙂

Of course, the interview was conducted in spanish, though.

There is also a new audio teaser for our latest stage we have been working on, which was playable during the event, and we first teased about durnig our previous Xenocider work weekend. We actually shared it online from our booth at the event, and you can check it out here:

The references Juanjo got (from me) when creating this track were Golden Axe, The House of the Dead and some Sonic tunes from the MD classics. While I think the House of the Dead influence is very clear, there’s still some percussion heavily inspired by a couple of those Sonic mechanical/fire/lava stages.

In a happy coincidence, last week one of our Facebook followers asked who the composer for Xenocider is, and whether or not we had shared any “final” music from the game already. As I consider myself somewhat annoying and repetitive when mentioning my friends I’m working with, I almost couldn’t believe he didn’t know 😀 So here you have a small link compendium for those interested:

Juanjo Martín is a producer and piano teacher, and the keyboardist for spanish pop band Efecto Mariposa (see pic). You can watch him create the original piano base for one of our tunes right here!

Efecto Mariposa live with Juanjo Martín

Actually, one of the first teasers that we ever shared about Xenocider (even before the game title was revealed), a sample of the music for the Transistor Highway, can be found on our Soundcloud page. You can also watch the Dev Diaries chapter where we tell you everything about this particular stage. The following mini-video is another recent audio teaser, for a stage and tune we are particularly proud of:

In fact, we may be as proud of the soundtrack for Xenocider as we are for the game design itself. That’s why, since we opened pre-orders, we chose to offer three different editions which included the extra OST disc (besides the regular, “single” edition, that is). Just in case you haven’t yet checked them out yet, you can do it here.

On a slightly unrelated note, we started to upload the turnaround animations for Xenocider’s basic enemies to our YouTube channel. After working on most of the stages for the game, and the Dev Diaries showcasing them, we realized we had quite a bunch of these mini videos lying around, so to speal, so we thought it would be nice to share them too. Some of these you can see below, the rest will be posted to our YouTube channel every few days. Welcome to the Xenocider Enemy Compendium!

We are now putting together the next chapter of our Dev Diaries series, where we will finally reveal the final (maybe pre-final?) look of the aforeteased volcanic stage, as well as the enemies that populate it and its very unique boss!

Pre-order Xenocider today! Remember you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud and LinkedIn 🙂