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Story mode, bonus stages, and other improvements

In case you missed our previous tweets, etc, last year was pretty tough for us, for a number of reasons (mostly health related). When we got back to work, we realized there were things about Xenocider we had to improve. We have been working hard on all these and we are glad to announce that the Space Harrier inspired bonus stage included in our old demo is not there anymore… Instead, Fantasy Land has become a complete, unlockable game mode in its own right!

The attached screenshot was taken during one of our recent Hangouts conversations and shows main character Xara riding this, uh… completely original creation which is totally unrelated to any existing arcade classic you may or may not have played before! 🙂

Xenocider Blender wip

You will have to either beat the Story mode or play an insane number of hours in order to unlock Fantasy Land. Who knows? We’ve always wanted Xenocider to be more replayable than your average arcade, so there will be plenty of extra features to explore.

Also, we are aware of how frustrating it is to wait and wait until a pre-ordered game is released. We haven’t disappeared and we haven’t stopped answering your emails. We can never thank you guys enough for all your patience and support.

More updates coming soon! 🙂