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New beta released!

After a couple weeks of playing around with the first beta, we just emailed the Xenotesters with a new version. There have been quite a few bugs fixed, but among other things we’d like to mention the following:

  • Options menu now available: set the music and sound effects volume, invert controls or fully reconfigure buttons.
  • Twin Stick compatibility!
  • Config is now saved to the VMU. We just added VMU icons too.
  • Crosshair sensitivity/speed improved. You can adjust this from the options menu.
  • Enemies and backgrounds improvements.

There are also a couple glitches to be fixed and some adjustments that were suggested by testers, but needless to say we are quite happy with how the process is going so far and can’t wait to hear their feedback about this new version. Thanks to you, Xenocider will soon be a reality.

Again, feel free to share your impressions, videos or whatever you feel like 🙂

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