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Xenocider beta 3 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast is closer to being finished thanks to our passionate team of testers. We just released a new beta with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed “press start” delays, previously reported by testers.
  • Also fixed lags when returning to main menu.
  • Improved logo and mode selection bar sizes, also improved font visibility.
  • Improved cutscenes performance.
  • Added vibration for bombs and boss kills, as suggested by testers. Also removed vibration if you’re hit when shield is on.
  • Underwater stage now has the missing bubbles restored, also bubbles when the weapon shoots have been added.
  • Crosshair now moves faster (also the typo in the options menu has been corrected).
  • Improved bonus stage ship hitbox.
  • Obstacles in tutorial stage now glitch and flick in a more visible way.
  • Triple shoot bug fixed.
  • Health SFX mixed.
  • Desert Krok and Fantasy Land difficulty and number of enemies has been re-balanced.
  • Fantasy Land bosses now load the right music theme.
  • Story mode bosses now feature a flashier warning / text.
  • Text appearing on screen is now different each time you die on Story mode.
  • Sakura’s Realm boss now features more visible / colorful lightning.
  • Tutorial text and button images fixed.
  • Underwater boss difficulty has been re-balanced, weak point made more visible, hitbox improved.
  • The whole “if I die right before reaching the Xenocoin, I still move on to the bonus stage” bug has been fixed.
  • Xenocoins that were way too well hidden are, well, not that well hidden anymore. Lags when getting the Xenocoins have been fixed too.
  • “Guru meditation” error fixed!
  • Improved data packages. Fixed memory leaks.

The new beta has been sent to our Xenotesters. We are so glad to have you guys onboard and so proud of how the game is looking! Again, feel free to share your impressions, videos or whatever you feel like 🙂

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