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Xenocider beta 5 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast beta 5 has been released! Dear testers, we hope you enjoy the new improvements and features!

  • Hollow Universe is now unlocked and playable! A completely new stage with slightly different mechanics and an insane amount of enemies!
  • Fantasy Land now featuring new music variants (all music is pending mastering, don’t worry)!
  • Also, Fantasy Land is now called Fantasy Land, not “arcade mode” anymore 😉
  • When you die in Fantasy Land, your score and hi score remain on screen for a little longer.
  • Quite a few new sound effects.
  • Pause glitch solved. Also you can now use buttons A/B on pause menu.
  • Title screen “cilinder” and texts are now slightly bigger.
  • New bullet impact effect.
  • Route B bosses now featuring alternate colours! 🙂
  • Fades to black now actually end with a black frame (it wouldn’t in earlier betas).
  • Slight improvements to small 3D objects.

Thanks once again to our team of testers, and as always, feel free to share your impressions, videos or whatever you like 🙂

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