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Xenocider beta 6 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast beta 6 (well, actually, 6.1, as we made even a few more adjustments) has just been released and send to testers!

  • New Simulation Mode is now unlocked and playable! Inspired by Tron, Galaxy Force and Space Invaders, this is a hectic survival/endless stage, where you will try to beat your own record against a never-ending swarm of enemies!
  • All Fantasy Land stages have been slightly adjusted, both visually and gameplay-wise.
  • Enemies in Fantasy Land enemies now fall to the floor before exploding, as suggested by testers.
  • Dragon and two-headed dragon bosses fixed.
  • There is now an even bigger homage to Space Harrier and Yu Suzuki at the end of Fantasy Land. Can you beat it and find out? 😉
  • Also, 3D credits to blast your way through, literally, because why the hell not!
  • Fixed enemies killed by explosions in stage 1.
  • Fixed speed for bonus stages.
  • Piranhas hitbox improved. They also drop life now, from time to time!
  • Improved audio, left/right channel and depth, and sound effects volume.

Thanks once again to our team of testers, and as always, feel free to share your impressions, videos or whatever you like 🙂

Xenocider beta 6 released

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