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Xenocider copies are going out, reviews are coming in!

Xenocider is shipping, has been for the last couple weeks. We are shipping orders as they were originally received (in the same order, for the apparent lack of a better word I keep repeating!), and but we are under serious covid-related restrictions so everything takes a bit longer than expected, as you may expect. Thank you everyone for your continued patience once again.

👉 The first full review came from no other than all-mighty Thor, I mean Tom, from The Dreamcast Junkyard. Deep, honest, and full of detail, you can read Tom’s review here 🔥 if you want to learn more about what Xenocider really has to offer.

Also Stephen from DreamcastHub had the chance to see how Xenocider evolved from the last bunch of beta builds to the final version, and he decided to share his impressions in this great video review:

About 50% of the original pre-orders have been shipped. This includes quite a few limited PAL and Steelbook edition copies. We deliberately didn’t show any (final) renders or mockups of these two, and hardly shared any real photos of the covers or the contents featured, and that’s because we want you to be surprised and excited when they’re delivered. And we’d love it if you share photos of your copies (limited or not) on your preferred social media platform and tag Retro Sumus on them.

We’d love to put faces to some of your names. Or hands, or, uh, desktops. Whatever! We may think of something cool we can do with all those pics later 😇

Now, back to shipping… 🤦‍♂️

A few countries are under particularly strict restrictions, though. Registered shipping to Chile turned out to be extremely and ridiculously expensive, and unregistered is out of the question under the current situation. Shipping to Australia, it seems, is downright impossible at the moment. No can do. No way.

So, to all our Australian supporters/buyers, we can only beg you for your (extended) patience. We will solve this. We will find another way. Some of your have been extremely supportive over the years and we’re not giving up. We will figure this out.

Any questions, inquiries, requests, complaints? You can always drop us a line at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube et al. We’re always there.

Once again, THANK YOU everyone!

Xenocider is available now in both Regular and Special editions.