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Xenocider limited edition contents, shipping to Australia, live streams

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Now we can keep talking. Shipping to Australia is not “closed” anymore, so we just shipped a bunch of pending pre-orders during these last few days. Everything is fine! You guys wil be getting your copies soon. Phew! 😀

Speaking of which, this is what you can expect from the Limited PAL and Steelbook Edition copies!

Xenocider Dreamcast PAL Edition contents
Photo by Daniel Turner

Xenocider is “probably the most ambitious game for the Dreamcast in two decades”. Adam Koralik unboxes his Regular and Special edition copies, comments on some details about the game and gives the first few stages a try. Check it out below!

👉 Also, last week we broke into The Dreamcast Junkyard‘s Twitch channel to answer some questions while they were playing Xenocider live for the first time. You can check it out here:

👉 Retro Faith played for 3 hours straight last Thursday, tried to unlock all the unlockables and seemed to enjoy the game quite a bit too 😉

Xenocider is available now in both Regular and Special editions.

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