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Xenocider digital editions are here! Free shipping on physical copies!

You asked for Xenocider digital editions and we listened. Xara’s unforgiving, 60-fps shooting adventure is now available on a variety of image file formats!

Did you replace your DC optical drive your with a fancy MODE or GDemu? Are you looking for a digital option to purchase the most ambitious independent game ever created for your favourite console? Xenocider Digital Edition offers you the chance to own the game in CDI, NRG or IMG format.

Xenocider Digital Edition
Xenocider Digital Edition. Click to order!

You will receive a link to download the image file of your choice, playable through the aforementioned ODE devices. Standard and PAL-style covers are also included.

If you’d rather go for the full package, Xenocider Deluxe Digital Edition includes the image file and covers + the complete OST + the game booklet in hi-res.

Xenocider Deluxe Digital Edition
Xenocider Deluxe Digital Edition. Click to order!

🔥 Last but not least, we are now offering free shipping worlwide on all remaining physical copies! 🔥

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