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Author: Chui

Xenocider Fantasy Land

Xenocider progress update

Just a quick update to let you guys know what we’re up to! First of all, the title screen with some new animation by Abel and music by Juanjo, as always: After you successfully beat any stage, you will get inside Xara’s spaceship where you

Wiredframe Magazine

Interview for Wireframe magazine

Last february, Carlos and I had a talk with Robin Wilde from Wireframe Magazine for an in-depth article about developing for a commercially dead platform. We were proud to have Xenocider featured among other indie Dreamcast efforts like Intrepid Izzy, Alice Dreams Tournament and many

Nexgam interview

New interview with neXGam!

Deutsch: Im Gespräch mit Retro Sumus Daniel Horvath aka 108 Stars, who did the pixel art for WaterMelon‘s Pier Solar, interviews team member Carlos Oliveros about Ameba and Xenocider! neXGam: Hello Carlos. Please introduce yourself to the readers. Carlos: Hello, Daniel. I’m Carlos Oliveros aka