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Is Xenocider still available

Is Xenocider still available?

Hello everyone. After Xenocider reached the 5th place of The Dreamcast Junkyard’s Top 25 Dreamcast indie games, we received a few inquiries about where our game can be acquired… so here’s a useful bunch of links for those of you still interested. 👾 Xenocider Digital

Xenocider sale

Xenocider sales! Only a bunch of physical copies left

Xenocider for Dreamcast is now available for a discounted price… forever! After all PAL, Steelbook and Special Edition copies of the game sold out, we decided to celebrate by lowering the price of the remaining regular copies, as well as both the Digital and the

Xenocider new demo available

New Xenocider demo available!

There is a new Xenocider demo available to download! It’s been years since we released our last demo, and the game evolved so far beyond what was initially planned, we felt it was the right time to share a new one. So if you want

Xenocider Fantasy Land

Xenocider copies are going out, reviews are coming in!

Xenocider is shipping, has been for the last couple weeks. We are shipping orders as they were originally received (in the same order, for the apparent lack of a better word I keep repeating!), and but we are under serious covid-related restrictions so everything takes

Xenocider Regular Edition

Xenocider is available now!

After almost 5 years of development and more sleepless nights than we can count, Xenocider is finally here and ready to ship! Enjoy the deliberatedly retro-looking launch trailer below! Once again, thank you for your continued patience and support. We couldn’t have done this without

Xenocider Regular Edition

It is done! First unboxing ever!

Well guys… this is it 🥳 Sorry for the crappy video quality. We couldn’t wait for a better camera to immortalize the first ever factory-pressed copy we unsealed and tested! We will be closing our store temporarily in the next few days to prepare shipping

Xenocider Release Candidate

Xenocider Release Candidate is here

Dear followers, Xenocider RC1 is here and has been seent to testers! While the main new feature in the last beta was Simulation Mode, this RC is a pre-final version and includes all features and game modes, as well as all the now mastered audio

Xenocider Simulation Mode

Xenocider beta 6 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast beta 6 (well, actually, 6.1, as we made even a few more adjustments) has just been released and send to testers! New Simulation Mode is now unlocked and playable! Inspired by Tron, Galaxy Force and Space Invaders, this is a hectic survival/endless