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Xenocider loading screen

Xenocider beta 4 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast beta 4 has been released and emailed to all our testers! There have been many improvements and adjustmens made to the game, including but not limited to: General fix of white borders previously visible on textures. Tweaking and difficulty adjustment in all

Xenocider beta 3

Xenocider beta 3 released

Xenocider for Dreamcast is closer to being finished thanks to our passionate team of testers. We just released a new beta with the following improvements and fixes: Fixed “press start” delays, previously reported by testers. Also fixed lags when returning to main menu. Improved logo

Xenocider Dreamcast Twin Stick

New beta released!

After a couple weeks of playing around with the first beta, we just emailed the Xenotesters with a new version. There have been quite a few bugs fixed, but among other things we’d like to mention the following: Options menu now available: set the music

Xenocider for Dreamcast beta testing

We want you for beta testing!

As we just announced on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, Xenocider beta testing is open to the first 20 users who drop us a line and meet these three simple requirements: Pre-ordered Xenocider. Own a working Dreamcast they can use. Want to beta test Xenocider

Xenocider Fantasy Land

Xenocider progress update

Just a quick update to let you guys know what we’re up to! First of all, the title screen with some new animation by Abel and music by Juanjo, as always: After you successfully beat any stage, you will get inside Xara’s spaceship where you

RetroManiac especial emulación

¡El especial emulación de RetroManiac está al caer y nuestro programador Chui aparece caricaturizado como Space Harrier en portada junto con Fox68k y otros genios de la escena! Además, este suplemento incluye, como única publicidad en sus 84 páginas, el anuncio de Xenocider que reproducimos

Story mode, bonus stages, and other improvements

In case you missed our previous tweets, etc, last year was pretty tough for us, for a number of reasons (mostly health related). When we got back to work, we realized there were things about Xenocider we had to improve. We have been working hard

Wiredframe Magazine

Interview for Wireframe magazine

Last february, Carlos and I had a talk with Robin Wilde from Wireframe Magazine for an in-depth article about developing for a commercially dead platform. We were proud to have Xenocider featured among other indie Dreamcast efforts like Intrepid Izzy, Alice Dreams Tournament and many