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Xenocider for Dreamcast Dev Diaries, Caves of Kvika

Dev Diaries #10 – Welcome to the Caves of Kvika!

Welcome back to Xenocider for Dreamcast! This is episode 10 of our Dev Diaries, and today we take a better look at the stage design we are arguably most proud of, as well as present a brand new one we have been teasing for some time: the Caves of Kvika,

Welcome to our Fantasy Zone!

After our last video meeting, we felt like sharing a wip screenshot of how Xenocider‘s dessert stage is shaping up. Hope you like it! By the way, yes, that’s exactly 60 fps the game is running at. Also yes, the title of this post is a homage to a specific stage

From Blender to the Dreamcast: Xenocider level design

Last night, we held one of our weekly video-meetings. It was the first time we recorded the whole thing and it will most probably be the first one we share on our YouTube channel. Our resident 3D designer Abel showed us how the terrain and enemies for the egyptian-inspired Planet