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Tag: visual novel

Ameba for Dreamcast and Saturn

Dev Diares #06 – The Morning After

Welcome to a new episode of our Dev Diaries about Ameba! Please take a moment to imagine the following scenario… Someone just passed away. Someone close to our main character Hugo. He returns home feeling devastated, but also somewhat relieved. It’s the morning after, and he has a new lead


Ameba for Dreamcast demo first look!

Not exactly a great video, but we were proud to show our very early demo of Ameba working on real hardware at RetroBarcelona. Text in spanish at the moment. English, french and german translations are planned. If you want to learn more about the characters for the game, check out

Sasha Darko's Sacred Line Genesis

More projects we love! Sacred Line Genesis and Redux 1.1

Most of you have already heard about Sacred Line Genesis. An adventure game for (duh) Sega Mega Drive / Genesis developed, written, composed (and released in rom format) by Sasha Darko, recently published by WaterMelon after some tweaking and bug-fixing. Sadly, these new carts feature some kind of hardware bug